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Item Number: 6EP1961-3BA20
Manufacturer: Siemens
Manufacturer Part No: 6EP1961-3BA20

Modular power supplies
Basis of the modular concept is a complete line of 24 VDC power supplies from 5A up to 40A.
  • compact design
  • adjustable output voltage up to 28.8 VDC
  • 3 LED operating indications
  • Selectable reaction to short circuit: automatic restart or storing shutdown
  • Possible to use in parallel connection (load sharing)
  • DIN rail mounting

    SITOP Modular comes in:
  • 5A, 10A, 20A and 40A devices can be used for single-phase (L1 and N) and for 3-phase applications by using 2 hot wires only within the provided input voltage range capability

    The power supplies fulfill:
  • Radio interference suppression, class B
  • Restriction of the input current harmonic waves in acc. w. EN 61 000-3-2 (except 6EP1337-3BA00)

    Power supplies and add-on modules meet:
  • Ambient temperature range from 0°C + 60°C

    Power Security Components
    The signaling module can be snapped onto the left side of the basic device. The module offers floating signal contacts (“output voltage o.k. and “ready for operation o.k.”) and a signal input for remote ON/OFF of the basic device.

    The buffer module bypasses power interruptions in the msec range. 100 msec at 40 A, 800 msec at 5 A, up to max. of 3 sec at low load current, DIN rail mounting is possible at any location in the switching cabinet.

    The redundancy module guarantees stable 24VDC power by decoupling two power supplies in parallel operation. The module monitors both power supplies and makes sure that the stand by power supply immediately takes over when the output voltage of the operating power supply drops below the (adjustable) threshold voltage. For applications above 20 amps one redundancy module per power supply is required.

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