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Industrial Motor Controls

Industrial Motor Controls

When you are setting up new operations in manufacturing or industrial processes, the control you are capable of exerting over your machinery is paramount. Our industrial switches and industrial motor controls here at Kent Industries Incorporated help to ensure that your active devices are working at peak efficiency and with worker safety in mind. Our products not only keep worker safety in mind but also the safety and reliability of your equipment and machines. Devices such as the Moeller PKZMO protect your equipment from the rare, unlikely event of control failure and circuit overload.

Industrial Switches

In addition to efficiency, our control devices are intuitive and easy to use, ensuring straight forward operation by workers, providing a safer environment. Clearly illuminated pushbuttons and other such controls allow the correct operation of your system in many possible situations. We are an authorized distributor and service provider for many well known and reliable industrial motor controls, industrial switches, and other devices. From Moeller contactors & Moeller DILEM miniature contactors to Benshaw RSC contactors and other devices, we will be able to solve your problems.

Benshaw and Moeller Contactors

Moeller Contactors

The fully automated system needs a large number of electrical devices in order to operate properly. From electronically controlled relay switches, such as Moeller contactors, to Moeller DILA relays, Moeller NZM circuit breakers, Moeller M22 pushbuttons, and other devices, Kent industries is prepared to help you develop your automation solution with our line of industrial switches, industrial motor controls and more. Essential to the process is the straightforward control of your machines, and our industrial controls will help to ensure straightforward operations.

Kent Industries Inc. is here to provide expert, professional reliable service and is an official supplier of many OEM parts and components for industrial automation and control. Contact us today and allow us to work with you to find a custom solution for your manufacture or processing problems. Reliable control and safety should be the first and foremost concern.

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